Regression to the mean

by Aviella

Imagine a world with no balance
A wise man once said that choosing life was meaningless unless death was an option too
I used to be a very beautiful flower until my bloom was all of a sudden doomed by June
Assume that the sun’s light stayed away from the moon’s sight
Would your nights bright and bloom just alright?

My life’s been everything but a perfect picture
Fractured pixels and unsolved riddles
I have seen dimples wrinkle in a twinkle of an eye and smiles faker than a utopian future

I am socially awkward , stereotypically I am stereo dumb
I have stopped succumbing to societies stereotypes
We exist in connection to our social ties said George , so then the reason I am non-existent may
never get its closure
I would engage rather with the most primitive forms of nature!
I am at a place where every form of human interaction is perceived as a threat to my balance
I have worked so hard on my external peace, but Gangnir once said to me “Aboa bi b3ka wo aa
na 3firi wontoma mu”
Well the honesty in that statement I found was rather ironic

Look I know betrayal like I know Day and know Night
But then also I am made aware , that choosing love is also meaningless unless hate and pain are
all alternatives
And I dare tell you the worst form of betrayal is when I have done it to myself
The Yin and the Yen could probably always be the moral to any love story
The simplest ideology might just be that everything regresses to the mean
Or I guess there might be more than one way to what betrayal truly is!

©Aviella, first published in ‘to grow in two bodies’.

Aviella is a Ghanaian writer who has always been drawn to the usage of art for the development of self. He is a music lover.