less than

by Maayaa Acheampong

How do I feel?
small, but
Not in a good way.
I feel like everything that should be
big is tiny and everything that should be
small is huge.
I feel like I am too much of everything
I was meant to shed,
too little of everything
I was meant to become.
But now here I am,
An ugly mismatch of things.
Chipped and broken,
Too far away from the beauty that I stretch
out my hands to reach.
A distortion of what I am meant to be.
A reflection in a cracked mirror.
I have always been less;
thought that meant there was room to grow.
I was meant to bloom
but all I do is wilt.

©Maayaa Acheampong, first published in ‘to grow in two bodies’

Maayaa Acheampong is a Ghanaian writer, poet and medical doctor.