by Elton Vanotoo

If the walls have ears must they eavesdrop all the time?
Can they hear my thoughts?
My mutterings?
If the walls have ears must that mean that they have legs too?
That they move?
Why then do I feel them closing in?
Boxing me in from the world outside
How am I to think outside of what lies beyond these borders
When these 4 corners have been my bounds all my life
How is it that I am to think outside
the box when its all I have known?
And if I can’t
Will these walls grow mouths to laugh at my shortcomings?
Will they grow tongues to lash out at my insecurities?
Teeth to devour me whole?

©Elton Vanotoo, first published in ‘to grow in two bodies’

Elton Vanotoo is a student at Drexel University. He loves reading, writing and music.