Yesterday and Me

by Laud Evans

I reek of yesterday’s today
A petrifying stench that halts my leap into tomorrow
I am stuck to history – my misery; my hiding place is there
The irony
Weaned, but a babe bound still, I choose not to sever the cord

For I fear to reconcile my beginnings
Because it would mean facing a future unforeseen
And I am yet not battle-tested for such a scene
Or maybe I am just not ready to be SEEN

The past is a prison, and I am inmates with insecurities
The past is a passenger
And I must make a stop in order to truly move
This I know

But it’s not a story of resolution – yet,
And when that day comes, I cannot say
So till then, I will hide here
Let me hide here a little while longer

©Laud Evans, first published in ‘to grow in two bodies’.

Laud Evans is a freelance writer who studied English at KNUST. He works as an intern in Starr fm while pursuing his career in media.