Fragmental memories

by bhurbx D dzinam

Some nights I cry for the most important person in my life who became a stranger after seven
stages in twelve months.
Yes, I’ve been in love once. In love with someone who was very insensitive to my emotional
Yet, nobody knew.
I’d have said this, the first of twelve months but let’s just say I was delusional with the idea that,
we were perfect.

Were we perfect…?

We could have been perfect. I’m just saying – “we could have been” but look what we turned out
to be: strangers.

Do you see?
You let the person (me) who said;
They can’t live without you. realize they can!

There is this park…never have I never kissed you.

You remember the chapel and the rain?
The sun that has a reason to shine and….

I fear I’m philophobic, yet.
Is that possible?
We use to be amour and amore, but now we are…

I can telepathically hear you say: say this already.
I can’t, because these are fragmental memo…
Why does interest inevitably diminish after the start of a relationship?
We’ll know, when we get there, but as for me.

I have fragmental memories of US.

©bhurbx D dzinam, first published in ‘to grow in two bodies’.

bhurbx D dzinam is a midwife/narrative poet/blogger and bibliomonia. She answers to the sobriquet “inyellowandgray”. She’s a crime investigation addict.