Eyram Bassah

The phone rings and the room grows cold;
I see you flinch a little
each ring a noose tightening
Around your neck
I understand what you do.
I understand your fear;
You judge yourself so harshly,
to prevent anyone from telling you that
you’re not enough;
that you are not deserving.
But love, if you can’t see it in yourself,
no one else would.
No one can show you
what you cannot see.

You’ve sat in darkness for so long
Let the sun in.
Let it swallow the darkness
You must know that you’re enough;
that you’re deserving.
No one can show royalty his throne
except he finds it

©Eyram Bassah, first published in ‘to grow in two bodies’.

Eyram Bassah is a Ghanaian poet and writer. She enjoys sharing her life through her work and loves to sing. She also dreams of travelling the world.