Wade in the Water


Follow me into a secret place
Where empires thrive
Where kingdoms fall
Hush, make haste,
nightfall looms
and this puzzle must be solved.

Into the murky waters,
I beckon you
Wade deeper,
till you are soaked
through and through.

Immerse into me, into this, into us

Sink into the unknown,
for this you must
Trust as I drown you further,
stay still do not thrust.

In melanin you were formed,
in melanin you are reborn.

©Akvsua, first published in ‘to grow in two bodies’.

Born to Ghanaian migrant workers in the late 90’s UK, Akvsua (born C. Kwatiah) is a Law student. Inspired by the likes of Achebe, Akvsua directs her creativity into poetry. Her charisma and narrative writing style has gained her readers internationally.