Feeling the Rain

by Sena Frost

I’m supposed to write something about rain
I haven’t figured out what exactly to say
Well here goes nothing

It’s so cold everywhere.
I hate it when it rains in the middle of the afternoon.
It means more traffic.
Crazy driving all because everyone wants to get home to be under the sheets
Like they don’t turn up the air conditioning in their offices
Perpetually cool. But alas
We’ll never know who’s watching the ceiling
Or who is having an affair
Because it rained in the middle of the afternoon.

I love playing in the rain
Because when you kick the ball on the grass it keeps rolling
You can do dribbling to goal easily
It is nice to step in the mud
People fall down a lot so it is funny
Mama doesn’t like it when I play in the rain
She beats me when she catches me
It is nice when she baths me with hot water after I play in the rain

I’m tired
I just want it to rain so I don’t go to work
I hope a tree falls in the middle of the road
I wish my boyfriend would come and visit me
So I can have him inside me
So our warm bodies can coil together
When it rains and gets cold

Rain washes all things
It takes familiarity away from a dog’s world of smell
It is a wet wonder for children
A reprieve for the employee
A national disaster flooding away lives
It is an excuse to have sex
Rain is the eternal state of one’s mind
We want rain for different reasons
But rain goes where it will
Giving mothers cause to worry
And employers a reason to cut salaries
All the while
It pours and cascades in the paths born before time.

©Sena Frost, first published in ‘to grow in two bodies’.

Sena Frost is a creative writer and photographer. He likes to wonder about the world and life.