My caterpillar becomes the wind

Maame Gyamaa Owusu Boakye

I opened my hands a bit to grant this beautiful thing a little air to breathe
Just the right size not to make it fly out or suffocate in my little hands
It was so beautiful I did not want it to go
I wanted to keep it forever
It’s colors striped like that of a Zebra’s
But in blue and black
I stuck my eyes into the hole my hands had created
And I swear it smiled at me
I looked behind me as I heard Mother shout my name, saying it was time to let go
I didn’t want this beautiful thing out of my hands or sight
But I knew I could not keep it forever
He was not mine to keep
Heartbroken, I opened my hands to let it free
I promise, it winked as it left
Another life, my love, I thought as I watched its wings move in a beautiful tune
I was never going to love anyone as much as I loved him
But I was ready to let go and let light heal this scar I was left with
It will only get better
I thought as I slipped my hand into my mother’s.

©Maame Gyamaa Owusu Boakye, first published in ‘to grow in two bodies’.

Maame Gyamaa Owusu Boakye is a final year student at GIMPA, Law School. She aspires to not only be a writer but a stage actress. She hopes to touch others through words.