Nuances of Oxygen

by Poetyk Pyrnx

Drown, underwater, mirror
Pause, Crawl, heartbeats

We have always been alpha swimmers,
conceived with the innate ability to swim and breathe
under water but we forgot how to swim when we were born into a world full of air.
We found other use for our lungs, learnt how to open our eyes
and grasp on to hope, light, love and thumbs without being taught how to.
Then life happened.
we got swallowed up by the rivers we’ve all been afraid to swim; our greatest fears.
The one separating us from who we are and who we want to be.
That be when we kai say wonna inner tillapia krakye powers never die.
The swimming experience we get am ky3r,
We only forgot about it because we were too obsessed with breathing.
Existing as a human is an outburst of the will to live.

Jump, fly, believe.
Reflection, out of time, oxygen.

The Repetitive reoccurring nature of our daily routines
trivializes the grandness of everything that we call little blessings.
Like sleeping, like waking up.
Like clear blue skies, living, being loved, being called by our names,
the voices of our love ones and the sound of laughter.
Like breathing, like living.
No wonder the concept of death and an afterlife fascinates us so much.
E check all the things we dey forget be the things wey we do am plenty times
E check like all the things we dey find hard to do be the things
wey we do am plenty times make the value lef wonna eye top.
We only remember to look at the sail when it gets windy.
Existing as a human is a juxtaposition of scars and déjà vus.

Breathe, breathe, breathe.
Breathe, breathe, breathe.

You never truly value freedom,
till you are trapped underwater as your lungs cave in from
taking in too much tears, too much darkness, too much emptiness,
too much despair with a dash of futile struggles to break the ice
and your chest begins to feel tight.

©Poetyk Prynx, first published in ‘to grow in two bodies’.

Prynx is an art enthusiast, an art curator, a spoken word artiste, a poet and a mental health activist, who hopes to change the world one poem at a time.