Love me a scar

by Slimo

It’s fair to think I don’t care for you
like I used to. But what do you expect me
to do when after all the care and cover ups,
you chose to leave me.

Dear wound, I will treat you well, you can
choose to go or stay. But be my scar.

You get under my skin so often
yet I just can’t get rid of you.

You don’t mind us being seen together
but I do, because they always ask how I got you.

All you bring is regret,
but you’re the reminder that keeps me in check

Dear scars, don’t leave me like a wound does.
Stay with me…

©Slimo, first published in ‘to grow in two bodies’.

Slimo is a Ghanaian spoken word artiste and performance poet. In 2017, he released his debut EP ‘Holes In A Pair’ which explores the theme of the flaws that exists in two party relationships. He is also the co-founder of Chaskele Poetry.