from me to this body

by Jay Kophy

I am swimming in salt water and honey.
I am breaking myself into memories
so my breath will not sound like the voice
of an unanswered prayer.

and I am tired. not of the memories.
but of the breaking. I am tired
of having to break my face into a smile.
when all I want is to mend it
into a canvas carrying the night sky.
whenever I look into the mirror
and see a flower. that is dripping nectar
into an ocean of nectar. instead of a body.

I am tired of having to break my heart
into cities where they bury gardens and plant
dead bodies. of having to drink my name
on days when it tastes so sour in my mouth.
and wear it on days when my skin feels too
ashamed. to hold the scars.

from me to this body.

whoever calls you home. even if you
are breaking. understands you.
because home will always feel like a language
the tongue can carry. no matter how tired it is.

©Jay Kophy, first published in ‘to grow in two bodies’.

Jay Kophy is a Ghanaian writer and poet. His poems have been featured in literary magazines such as Tampered Press, Kalahari Review, Eunoia Review and many others.